500Affiliates’ `Payment Plan`

The ‘Payment Plans’ are the business plans we support as part of the 500Affiliates program. Based on those plans you will get paid for your promotional activities as our affiliate.

How does the CPA plan work?

When referring a Qualified Trader to Plus500, you will receive a fixed payment (“CPA”) in accordance to the trader’s country of origin.

Who is qualified as a CPA trader?

A qualified CPA trader, is a trader that made a first deposit, started to trade with real funds and passed the spreads limit.

How do I get paid for a CPA qualified trader?

At the end of each calendar month, our system automatically calculates the total CPA amount of new Qualified Traders registered on your affiliate's account.
Meaning, you will earn your CPA value multiplied by the number of new Qualified Traders, in accordance with the 500Affiliates CPA Plan.

Payment Methods – How can I set my payment info?

We support both Skrill and wire transfers, as payment methods.
Should you choose "Skrill" as your preferred payment method, you will be required to insert the email which represents your Skrill account.
Should you choose "wire transfer" as your preferred payment method, you will need to fill in all the relevant info for a bank transfer.
You can set your payment info by accessing the 'Manage Account' section in your account and then continue to the ‘Payment Details’ tab.

When are the payments being processed?

We execute payments by the 10th of each month for your previous month’s activity*.
* The balance on your affiliate’s account must exceed $150.