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How To Promote?

How to promote?

You can promote Plus500 on your website by using the Marketing Tools which are available on your 500Affiliate account. Permission is granted to make use of any material you find under the “Marketing tools” only. Any other material you would like to advertise with, further to the supply offered on the “Marketing tools”, requires Plus500’s prior approval. You are allowed to place the authorised promotional contents that contain your referral links (carrying your affiliate ID) on:

  • Your own official web sites, blogs you are active in.
  • Other websites that can promote your adverts.
  • Forums managed or sites in financial fields.

Plus500 Ltd license’s their CFD Trading Platform as the Plus500 brand.
Plus500 Ltd operates its CFD business through its subsidiaries:

  • Plus500UK Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), FRN 509909.
  • Plus500AU Pty Ltd AFSL #417727 issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, (ASIC).
  • Plus500CY Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) SEC registration number 250/14.

* We are not able to permit promotions through: search engines, social networks, ad networks, email marketing etc.

Promotion Integrity

One of our highest priorities is to make sure we don’t advertise our platform as ”work from home", “investing” or "making easy/sure money, as we believe that such promotion method would interfere with the integrity of our firm. Our main goal is not to mislead our clients. We take extreme measures to make sure that our internal marketing team as well as our affiliates, emphasize the high risk involved in CFD’s trading and not publish any false advertisements.

What is a referral ID?

A referral ID is the unique 'ID' parameter which appears in your promotional link.

What is a referral link?

A referral link is a link which carries the referral id parameter. For instance:

How can I create a referral link?

To generate a referral link, log into your account and click on 'Marketing Tools -> Link Creator':

  1. Choose the wanted language of Plus500’s site.
  2. Choose the landing page (optional).
  3. Optional- Insert 'Tags', which will mark the source of your traffic. Please note, you can insert as many tags as you wish and they can include text or numbers.
  4. Click on 'update' and the links will be ready for use.

Please note: Our referral links are smart, by clicking on a referral link a trader is being referred to the landing page suitable for his device, local trader currency and language, including iPhone, iPad and Android apps.

When do my referral links start being active to refer traffic?

Your referral links start being active to refer traffic from your website, once your domain is approved by us. Kindly note that your referral links will not work when clicked outside the approved site itself.

Where can I get more promotional material and creatives?

500Affiliates provides you with over 10000 banners and creatives in 32 languages, you just need to choose the ones you prefer and implement them on your site. You can find all banners and other creatives on the 'Marketing Tools' section.
See also the ‘Marketing tools’ section of our website, in order to get further info with regards.

Can I refer another affiliate?

Yes you can! If you want to refer another affiliate to 500Affiliates program, simply use the marketing tools we offer you for this purpose. For example the “refer affiliate link” you have in the main page of your account:
You simply address potential affiliates and refer them to our Affiliates program. Once they register and start working with us, you can get paid for their activity!

Are there any restricted countries for referring traders from?

Yes there are. We recommend you to get traffic from most European countries, some of the Arab countries and some of Middle East countries. We don't accept users from USA, Canada and from some other countries. To get the complete list please contact our support team!

What is the Target Traffic?

Plus500 trading platform is user friendly and we target experienced traders over the age of 18.

Using Plus500 Brand

"Plus 500" is a trademark and domain name owned by Plus500 Ltd As such, it is part of the intellectual property of Plus500 Ltd and its value. Any use of unauthorised advertisements is flagrantly in breach of law and all of the Company's rights and interests.
Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to use Plus500 in your URL and/advertisements, or to use Plus500 trademark on search engines such as Google AdWords, Bing etc. It is also forbidden to promote Plus500 on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Keywords, such as "Plus500", "plus-500" and other permutation are not allowed. You may find further details in our Affiliation contract.